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Example of Your Fit-to-Fly Test & Certificate

How it Works

Receive your Fit-to-Fly certificate by following these easy steps


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Your test-kit will be sent as soon as your place your order. Please do not open your test-kit before you receive instructions.


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You’ll receive an email with instructions on your next steps.


Get results

For Rapid Antigen tests you will receive your certificate within 15 mins. For PCR tests you will receive your certificate as soon as the test has been processed by our lab. 


Download certificate

Receive your certificate via email to be printed or download the Klarity app on your mobile device and store your certificate safely and securely.

Why Choose Klarity for Your Tests & Certificates?

Disclaimer: All information regarding COVID-19 tests has been provided to serve as guidance only. Ultimate responsibility for ensuring all tests meet travel requirements lies with the individual. Klarity Health cannot be held responsible or liable for the advice provided on this website as government guidelines keep changing on a regular basis.