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Details About Klarity's Covid Lateral Flow Test Bulk Order Discount


Lateral Flow Test Kit Features

  • These Kits Are Best For Individuals, Frequent Flyers, Groups, Or Companies Who Only Want To Purchased A COVID Lateral Flow Test Only, And Don’t Want A Certificate, But Want To Save Money By Buying In Bulk.
  • The Lateral Flow Antigen Tests Are Simple To Use, Are Accurate, And Have Rapid Results.
  • These Tests Are Government Approved And Perfect For Frequent Travel Or Returning To Work.

COVID Lateral Flow Antigen Tests Packs In Qty’s Of:

  • x 1.
  • x 10.
  • x 25.
  • x 50.
  • x 100.

Other Benefits

  • Free Delivery.
  • Order Tracking.
  • Typically 2 Day Delivery.