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6x Basic COVID Certificates with a Large Discount – Limited Offer


6x Basic COVID Certificates with a Big Discount

Basic Antigen COVID Certificate × 6

  • Watch Video tutorial on how to do the Rapid Antigen (lateral flow) self-test
  • Upload your test-kit result photo. Offline test result verification by a clinician
  • Rapid Antigen Test (LFT) is NOT included (you bring your own test)
  • Certificate issued within 3 hours (daily 08:00-20:00 GMT)
  • Downloadable – use it now!
5.75 each


Buy 6 x Basic Klarity Antigen COVID Certificates At A Discount Rate – tests not included. The Basic Klarity COVID Certificates are Perfect For Families, Companies, Group Events And Activities, or Frequent Travelers who have Already Purchased An Antigen Test and Just Need The Certificate. It’s as simple as Uploading A Photo Of Your Antigen Test Results. Then, Get Your Certificate Within 60 Minutes between 08:00 and 20:00 GMT each day.

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