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Basic+ Antigen COVID Certificate


  • Watch Video tutorial on how to do the Rapid Antigen (lateral flow) self-test
  • Upload your test-kit result photo. Offline test result verification by a clinician
  • Rapid Antigen Test (LFT) is NOT included (you bring your own test)
  • Certificate issued within 3 hours (daily 08:00-20:00 GMT)
  • Downloadable – use it now!


Buy Your Basic+ Klarity Antigen COVID Certificate Only For Travel, Work, Events, Or Group Activities – test not included. The Basic+ COVID Certificate is Perfect For Individuals Who Have Already Purchased An Antigen Test and Only Need A Certificate. This Fast And Easy Process only requires you to Upload A Photo Of Your Antigen Test Results. Then, Receive Your Certificate Within 3 hours between 08:00 and 20:00 GMT each day.

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