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COVID Certificate Only For A Lateral Flow Test

Recommended For: Individuals, Frequent Travelers, Group Travelers, Families, Companies, Or Group Events & Activities.

Order Multipack Test Kits To Receive A Discount.

COVID Test Type

COVID Certificate Only (Lateral Flow Test Not Included)

Select Your Health Support Type And Quantity


Details About Our COVID Certificate


Covid Certificate Inclusions

  • Your Selection Of Video Or Online Consultation Support For Taking The Antigen Test.
  • App Access For Uploading A Photo Of Your Results.
  • Certified COVID Certificate Best Used For Traveling Overseas Or Returning To Work.

Features Included With Your Certificate

  • Your Preferred Choice Of Online Guidance On How To Take The Rapid Lateral Flow Test.
  • Quick App Access To Submit Your Lateral Flow Test Result With A Simple Photo.
  • The Test Results Then Get Sent Straight For Verification By A Clinician Health Professional.
  • You’ll The Receive Your Certificate Within 60 minutes From Submissions, If It’s Submitted Between 08:00 and 20:00 GMT. Otherwise, At The Next Earliest Time.
  • Government Certified.

How To Do The COVID Certificate Procedure To Get Your Rapid Results

Order A COVID Certificate for your Self-Supplied Lateral Flow Test. This is Best if you have Previously Bought your Certified Lateral Flow Test, and you Only Need A COVID Certificate.

Select Your Preferred Health Professional Guidance Type
Of Either; Basic, Basic+, Standard, Or Premium. Then, select your Preferred Quantity Of COVID Tests Needed; 1, 3, 6, or 9. Large Discounts are provided on Multipack and Group Orders.

Government Approved Covid Certificates

Klarity Health’s COVID Certificates And Tests Are All Government Approved. They can be used for either your Fit To Fly Certificate, or as a Fit To Return To Work Certificate.

How The Online Procedure Works

Complete Your Lateral Flow Test All At Home. Depending On Your Selected Support Choice, The Certificate Can come as a Complete Self-Test Experience. Or, as a Fully Supervised Online Consultation With A Health Professional. Basic Support is All Managed By You and Support Is By Virtual Tutorials. Basic Plus Is Also Virtual, but Is Used If You Need To Provide Video Evidence As Part Of Your Certificate Criteria. Standard Support Includes An Online Clinician Health Specialist to Guide You Through The Test, but The Certificate Is Provided After The Call. Premium Includes An Online Consultation for taking the Lateral Flow Test, and you will Receive The Certificate On The Call. Klarity’s COVID Certificates Are All Government Approved. They’re Certified For Use As A Fit To Fly Certificate, or as a Fit To Return To Work Certificate.

Quick Steps To Get Your COVID Certificate

Either watch the Video Tutorial On How To Take The Lateral Flow Test. Or, if you Ordered Premium Support With A Private Consultation, Complete Your Test Online. Then, Upload And submit A Photo Of Your Antigen Test Kit Results. Once Complete, you will Get Your Certificate Within 60 Minutes between 08:00 and 20:00 GMT each day.

Who This COVID Certificate Is Recommended For

This Lateral Flow COVID Certificate is Best Used for Individuals Who Need A Certificate For Travel, Work, or Group Events and Activities. It’s Extremely Fast, as you Don’t Have To Wait For The Delivery if you Already Have Your Lateral Flow Test With You.