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Covid Lateral Flow Test Bulk Order Discount

Recommended For: Individuals, Group Travelers, Large Families, Companies, Or Group Events & Activities.

Order Multipack Tests In Bulk To Get Over A 70% Discount (That’s Less Than £1.99 each!).

COVID Test Type

Lateral Flow Test Only

Select Your Quantity Of Lateral Flow Test


Details About Our Covid Lateral Flow Test Bulk Order Discount Kit


COVID Lateral Flow Antigen Tests Packs In Qty’s Of:

  • x 1.
  • x 10.
  • x 25.
  • x 50.
  • x 100.

Other Benefits

  • Free Delivery.
  • Order Tracking.
  • Typically 2 Day Delivery.

Lateral Flow Test Kit Features

  • These Kits Are Best For Individuals, Frequent Flyers, Groups, Or Companies Who Only Want To Purchased A COVID Lateral Flow Test Only, And Don’t Want A Certificate, But Want To Save Money By Buying In Bulk.
  • The Lateral Flow Antigen Tests Are Simple To Use, Are Accurate, And Have Rapid Results.
  • These Tests Are Government Approved And Perfect For Frequent Travel Or Returning To Work.

Buy Our Limited Time Covid Lateral Flow Test Bulk Order Discount Product. Purchase The Lateral Flow Rapid Antigen Test Kits In Qty’s of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 To Get The Best Prices With Fast And Free Delivery To Your Door.


Fit To Fly And Work Government Approved COVID Certificates

All Klarity Health’s COVID Tests are Government Certified. They can be used to Get Fast and Accurate Results, or to obtain either your Fit To Fly Certificate, or a Fit To Return To Work Certificate when you need to apply for one.


The Lateral Flow Test is a Complete At Home And Self Administered Process. This Lateral Flow Test is Perfect for Individuals, Frequent Travelers, Group Travelers, Families, Companies, Or Group Events & Activities. It’s Fast, Accurate and Affordable, and can be ordered either as a Single Kit, Or Multipack.


Buy Today To Be Ready For Tomorrow!