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Premium PCR Package


Convenient testing from your home – Flexible appointment booking – Accepted by governments and airlines. This package includes:

PCR Swab Test

Home PCR swab kit. After a completed swab, the kit needs to be posted to the lab in the closest Royal Mail Priority mailbox.


Premium PCR Certificate

Online consultation with clinican for PCR self-test. Results and certificate within 24hr after sample reaches lab.



Get Your Combined Premium COVID PCR Test And Certificate Package. PCR Stands For Polymerase Chain Reaction. This is a Very Accurate Government Certified COVID Test That Determines If You Are Infected through Analyzing A Swab Sample Of Fluid From Your Nasal Cavity To See If It Contains Genetic Material From The COVID-19 Virus. This is a Quick And Easy At Home Covid Test With Accurate and Reliable Results. The Combined Premium PCR Test And Certificate Package includes an Online Consultation From A Clinician Health Professional to Guide You Through Taking The PCR Test. Once completed, you then Send Your Swab Sample to the Closest Designated Royal Mail Priority Mailbox. You will then Receive Your Results And PCR Certificate Within 24 hours After The Sample Has Arrived At The Testing Facility.