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At Klarity we Provide A Free Health Check, and have a Large range of Blood Tests, which you can do in the comfort of your home.


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Order A Heart Health Check Online Using A Blood Test At Home From Klarity Diagnostics.

Advanced Heart Health
Blood Test

Order A Hormone Blood Test For Women From Klarity Advanced Diagnostics.

Advanced Women’s Hormone Blood Test

Buy A Full Body Health Blood Test By Klarity Advanced Diagnostics.

Your 360 Health
Blood Test

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After taking Klarity’s health check online, i found that i needed to look into my heart health due to having a family history of heart disease. My blood test was delivered the next day and i got my results back by the end of the week.

21st March, 2022



Klarity’s app is fantastic, after taking my blood test at home my results were uploaded into the klarity app. I have learnt so much about my health by reading the recommended health articles.

1st April, 2022



Loved everything about my experience with Klarity. 100% will recommend Klarity to anyone else looking to get home blood tests!

7th April, 2022