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Heart Health Blood Tests

Order A Heart Health Check Online Using A Blood Test At Home From Klarity Diagnostics.

Advanced Heart Health Blood Test

Women’s Heart Health Blood Test

Men’s Heart Health Blood

Why Take This Test?

You have a family history of cardiovascular disease

You are interested in learning more about your health

You perform certain lifestyle behaviours (smoke, little exercise)

You are experiencing shortness of breath

How The Heart Heath Check Works

Take your free health

Answer some simple lifestyle and family health history questions online. It only takes 3-5 minutes.

Get your health score and recommended products

View your current health score and risks to chronic health diseases. Based on your answers we’ll personalise the blood test you need.

Take your test at home

You’ll receive your test kit within 1-2 days. All you need to do is collect your sample and post it back to our lab.

Get your results

All your results will be uploaded to the Klarity app for you to view. You’ll gain free access to our health library.

Take Our Free Health

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