Facilitating healthcare's digital transformation

We support hospitals, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical firms to thrive in the quickly evolving digital healthcare industry. Our AI-led health risk prediction models help healthcare become more proactive than reactive. Our predictive models (K-Score) allow healthcare providers to identify risk and drive health engagement to improve outcomes for the population at large.

Our models focus on chronic disease risk prediction including specific models for oncology, diabetes and MSK. In combination with these risk predictions we provide lab based screening tests and, for oncology specifically, we guide and support patients through further diagnostics, treatments and appointments.



Provide medical practitioners a simple way to monitor patients from a distance. With Klarity, any smartphone can be used as a tool for evaluating one's health.

Remote patient monitoring

By providing remote, real-time assessments to healthcare experts, you can promote quicker recovery following surgery and hospitalisation. The patient’s smartphone, tablet, or laptop is used for everything; no additional hardware or wearables are needed.


By providing remote, real-time assessments we can provide valuable support to clinical trials and other related research projects.